Meet the Characters

Read below for a brief introduction to the characters in The Travelers.

The Bennets

Dagny Bennet – The spunky, forgetful heroine and youngest daughter of the Bennet family, who wants desperately to be just a normal girl, even though she is far from normal.
George James Bennet, III – Dagny’s father and the calm, bedrock of the family.
Elizabeth Bennet – Dagny’s loving mother.
Ava Bennet – Dagny’s older and much tidier sister, who spends much of her time worrying Dagny will accidentally reveal the family’s secrets.
Jason Bennet – Ava’s twin brother and voted most-likely to be mistaken for a robot, except when his temper flares.

The Chandler-Michaelsons

Marc Chandler – The beloved, responsible, straight-A son of the Chandler-Michaelson family, who secretly craves danger.
Jillian Chandler – Marc’s sarcastic sister who would rather have a pet frog than a perfect little brother.
Elaine Michaelson – Marc’s dramatic mother, a former almost actress.
Benjamin Michaelson – Marc’s reluctant stepfather.

The Friends

Lily – Dagny’s bubbly, boy-crazy friend and head cheerleader.
Brooke – Dagny’s supportive best friend.
Cody – Marc’s best friend and resident tattooed teddy bear look-a-like.

The Others

Mr. Smith – A nefarious stranger searching for Dagny so he can destroy her.
The Viator – A mysterious man helping Mr. Smith.